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The Cross Continent Market Place 


Welcome to Lutafo, an online marketplace for NIgeria, Ghana and the UK. Here you can buy just about anything you’d like!


We service over 85 million Nigerian customers, as well as in 9 million Ghana and over 60 million in the UK.


Our products cover a wide range of categories including technology, homeware, electricals, clothing, health and beauty, and much more!

Whatever you need, you’ll be sure to find it with Lutafo.


Lutafo is a dual marketplace - you can not only buy from Lutafo, but sell your items too! We made it that way so we can allow a wider number of people to purchase and trade items. Now more people than ever before can access a huge range of products, right at their fingertips!


You can browse the thousands of products on offer, or sign up to become one of our Lutafo vendors. Whichever way you choose to use the site, we’re passionate about giving you the best online shopping experience.